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Feb. 12, 2018

To Larry and Cole Cushman


I would like to thank you for your help regarding a claim that has just been processed.  When I originally contacted you, it was because I had seen your ad in a very reputable magazine.  I really wasn't familiar with your Agency or products.  After several conversations with Cole, I felt I was in good hands due to his demeanor and prompt return of my calls and emails. Cole took all of the time I needed for clarity in explaining the details of the policy as well as helping me tailor it to my specific needs.  I was very impressed with the Gun and Trophy insurance program you offer. 


As you know I had an unexpected claim on a 126 year old antique shortly thereafter.  You folks responded immediately and began the process with Hanover Insurance.  I received a call from their adjuster the next day and my experience has been as good with them as the one I have had with you folks.  The decision on the claim only took 48 hours, again with the same immediate responses by them to my emails.


Frankly, this is the best experience I have ever had with any Agency or Insurer of any kind.  I am compelled to take the time to express this to you with my sincere thanks and appreciation.  The Gun and Trophy Insurance that you offer is the most reasonable (by far) and comprehensive in the business.  I am so glad I discovered you folks and please know I tell everyone about it.  You are offering a product and service that people would be making a big mistake not to take advantage of.




Michael B