Coverage only applies when a Limit of Insurance is indicated; if $0 or no limit is shown, then no coverage applies: 

Limit of Insurance

Firing of Gun:

Debris Removal:


25% of the direct physical loss and up to an additional  $50,000

Extended Warranty Coverage:

Fraud and Deceit:

Fungus, Wet Rot, Dry Rot and bacteria:

Up to $1,000



Insufficiency of limits:

Inventory and Appraisals:

Newly Acquired Sporting and Hunting Guns:

Newly Acquired Trophies:

Preservation of Covered Property:

Pollutant Clean Up and Removal:

Sporting and Hunting Guns and Accessories owned by others:

Reward Coverage:

Sporting and Hunting Guns and Accessories in transit or while not at your location:

Trophies in transit or while not at your location:

Tax Stamps:

$25% of Scheduled Value