Please allow us to introduce ourselves. Our business name is Cushman Insurance Agency, Inc. Founded in 1981, We are located in Herndon, VA not far from Dulles International Airport. We are fortunate to represent thousands of clients in virtually every state of the union. Operating as an independent insurance agency we represent dozens of insurance companies. Our agency, partnering with The Hanover Insurance Company is pleased to offer this new product to gun collectors, competitive shooters, historical reenactors, tactical shooters and hunters. Please refer to the bottom of this page pertaining to The Hanover Insurance Company.

As an avid hunter since 15 years of age, I have been blessed with the opportunity to hunt both in the United States and foreign lands. The acquisition of trophies from Africa and other locales decorate my offices and provide lifetime memories for me. Every trophy reminds me of my travels and experiences. While I still occasionally hunt, I was introduced to trap shooting in 2009. This sport has become a true passion for me (obsession if you ask my wife).


Trap shooting has enabled me to enjoy a modicum of success and rekindled my competitive spirit. Those who shoot skeet, sporting clays, long range bench shooting, action pistol, black powder, or other shooting activities have similar experiences. There is also the not unpleasant side effect of purchasing new toys associated with these endeavors. I have decided at my ripe old age to pursue my trap shooting as long as possible.  I pray you are able to follow your shooting sport dreams as well.

Having collected some two dozen trophies and a number of guns I checked into insuring these cherished items. With limited coverage for both guns and trophies found on homeowners policy, we began to research other insurance options. We found that the available policies providing these specialized coverages were excluding or omitting important coverages for shooters and were overpriced as well. We thought we could do much better and we have. By combining the most attractive provisions of competitors contracts with enhancements that we have developed to overcome shortcomings found in their policies, we can offer a unique alternative to anything found for the hunter and shooting sportsman.


Our program is approximately 75% Cheaper than our competitors in some cases and 50% Cheaper in most cases.  Our lowest rate is 14.5 cents per $100 of insured value and our highest rate is 31 cents per $100 of insured value. You can obtain up to $48,300 of either gun coverage, trophy/hunt coverage, or both for our $150 annual minimum premium. We urge you to look at our web site (still under development) and pay particular attention to our coverage enhancements section. There you will find specific coverages not found on competitors contracts. We feel certain you will agree that there is no other insurance program that favorably compares to Gun and Trophy anywhere in the world.


Larry cushman,  CIC

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